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Name Tag Campaign

TRANS LIVES MATTER. The increasing number of trans-phobic hate crimes and murders and the anticipated number after the elections leaves me and my community uneasy. This graphic series is an evocation of self-love, community mobilization, and visibility. We are here. We have been here. Remember our Names. Say our Names. Use our Pronouns.

Hanoi Mountains Light Structure

My family are originally from Northern Vietnam. During the war, they migrated south. This project is my way to reach back to those mountains I never got to see and to create a memorabilia for a family of elders trauma ridden, stoic, and needing of resources to process their pain. The looping binaural animation is also meant to help contribute to meditation and relaxation.

My Transitions In Little Saigon 

Vietnamese diaspora communities in the U.S. are the bridged societies from their origin country, and the two have a complicated relationship. The graphic collage series is the visual language attempt to capture the taut emotional and political ties to motherland, the challenged and complex identities in a western society, and the old red and yellow colors representative of the people and revolution that still run in our blood.

Diaspora Set

Utilitarian need paired with interlace aesthetics found in Vietnamese bamboo baskets resulted in a prototype that meant to dignify the 3d printed materiality and technique of additive manufacturing. The set’s layered construction or stereo-lithography contributed to the purpose of the woven look.