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Intentional Design 

I am a designer intrigued and driven by the end-to-end experience potentials of Culture, Materiality, and Technology in order to initiate and sustain reciprocal social design.

Form is the Matter with Me

As a designer, my intrigue in the creative process extends always to the intersections of my gender, racial, and socioeconomic identity. I start with any project as if I was young again trying to understand how western objects work. And if I am successful with my current work, I find that I have found a way to communicate or initiate ‘ease’ and ‘memory’ through engaging with not only the technical but the cultural and social history of that said object/idea.

I am a designer whose discomfort with the world finds comfort in sympathizing, listening, and iterating on ideas that would hopefully reciprocate and/or initiate social change. I also understand that my creative process comes with community engagement and emotional labor, and if I am to engage with my passion of design, my processes also must engage with the respective communities involved. My work ranging from traditional graphic design, installation work, experimental film/video, and user experience design for web/mobile and AR/VR platforms always tries to reach back to the tangible, the emotional, and the memorable. 

Materials, culture, and technology are the potentials of my skills, and I intend to breathe more life into my work, solidifying the intersecting bridge between the three, and compelling the questions of why I should challenge, dismantle, and/or create.